Magul Poruwa

Our Magul Poruwa Designs: From Simple Elegance to Elaborate Grandeur. Whether you envision a minimalist style or intricate adornments, our designs cater to your preferences. Customized flower arrangements add a personal touch, reflecting each couple’s unique taste. Gokkola or floral motifs are popular choices among Sri Lankan couples, symbolizing tradition and beauty.

The Magul Poruwa Ceremony: A Sacred Tradition Uniting Hearts. Rooted in Sinhala Buddhist customs, this ritual signifies the union of marriage. With solemnity and grace, couples and families partake in traditions atop the Magul Poruwa, sealing their bond as husband and wife. Drawing from years of expertise, Grand Flora specializes in crafting exquisite Magul Poruwa Designs, ensuring your Sri Lankan wedding is a timeless celebration